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Is eating and drinking allowed in the Library?

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The PCOM Library allows eating and drinking in most of its study areas on both campuses. This includes the study rooms, silent study areas, and main circulation areas of the Library.

For the protection of the computers and other hardware, eating is not allowed and beverages must be in lidded containers in the computer labs (GA), copy room (GA), and the Database Room (PA).

The PCOM Library reserves the right to ask users to remove their food and/or beverages from the Library study space as needed to preserve the comfort of the study environment for the greatest number of users.

Guidelines for food/beverage consumption:

  • Please consume large meals and pungent or loud foods outside of the Library.
  • Do not eat around College-owned printers or computers.
  • Unattended food or beverages are subject to disposal by Library staff.
  • Dispose of the trash you generate.
  • If you spill, please clean it up right away. For additional assistance, contact Library staff.