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What is a hold? How do I place a request?

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What is a hold?

A hold is a request by a library patron to use a book that is checked out. In effect, it is a waitlist -- when the book is returned, the next person in line is able to check it out. In addition to contacting the library to place a hold, you can also place your own hold requests through the library catalog; you do not have to be on campus to place a hold request.

How do I place a hold request?

Search the catalog for the book you want.  If its status is "Charged" and the due date is within the timeframe you are willing to wait, continue by clicking on the Make a Request link on the right hand sidebar.

You will be taken to a screen where you can log in using your PCOM Library ID # and your last name.

You can find your PCOM Library ID # on the back of your PCOM ID card.  Your Library ID # consists of four zeroes + the final five digits on the back of your PCOM ID (see below).

new id card

For PCOM IDs issued prior to Summer 2014, your Library ID # consists of four zeroes + the first five digits on the back of your PCOM ID (see below).


After logging in, choose Hold.

In the first dropdown menu on the following screen, choose the item you wish to place a hold request for. Only items eligible for hold requests will appear. When choosing, make sure that the item you select is on the same campus you attend.

In the second dropdown menu, select your pick up location: "Circ desk" (PA) or "Circ desk-GA" (GA). If there is a date after which you will not need the item held, enter it in the "Not Needed After" field. Leaving the default date will result in your request being automatically cancelled one month after the date it was placed. Finally, enter your LIB# again and click Submit.

You will receive an email when your requested book is ready to be picked up. Books are available for 5 days from the date of your request; holds not claimed in that time period are automatically cancelled.